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Dan Schneider joins the Grace Force podcast. Sanity in a Time of Diabolic DisorientationDiscussion of injections starting at minute 25 and 36 Why Wearing a Mask Makes Healthy People Sick Why Wearing a Mask Makes Healthy People Sick - An Evidence Based Analysis of Why Masks Are Ineffective, Unnecessary and Harmful, Jim Meehan, MD [...]

99 Per Cent Survival Yes, 99% survival is the claim by one doctor who has treated over 1,000 patients of COVID. He achieves this survival rate even for those with COVID in the highest risk categories. How does he do this? He starts the treatment process early with vitamin supplements to boost each person's immune system. But, this [...]

Shakespeare and Vaccines, pt 2

In my previous post I used a car analogy for how willing people are to get this experimental injection. As I was pondering the latest information another analogy came to mind. Let me digress for a brief moment as I describe a really great twilight zone episode back in the late 50s and early [...]