Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’s letter – October 18, 2022

Original Source:, copy accessible here. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has been an outspoken critic of the rise of globalism seen throughout the world and the corruption he has experienced first hand within the church. The same church he loves very much. I am blessed to be living in a diocese headed up by a [...]

The Untold Story – The Great Barrington Declaration

The Great Barrington Declaration has been a hidden secret during this whole pandemic.  This declaration was signed by 44 doctors from Universities and national institutes.  Universities like Stanford, Oxford, and Tel Aviv.  This declaration was signed in October, 2020 but has been hidden from the public. A little background from their site. "The Declaration [...]

Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion

Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public OpinionEmpowering Public Conscience through Natural Law‘Injustice to One is an Injustice to All’ Concerned lawyers from nations across the globe, working with esteemed scientists and medical experts, have come together to present the legal, scientific, and medical reasons why the populace must stop the Covid-19 measures [...]