mRNA changes your DNA

There are a lot of doctors beholding to Dr Fauci. Many get million dollar grants from NIAID. They do not want to rock the boat or take away the funding source. One doctor stood up to the king of corruption. Her name is Dr Judy Mikovits. Main stream media, who love Fauci, want to persecute her. I’m sure Fauci pays them dearly for their allegiance, and scorns them bitterly if they betray him. How could this corruption get this pervasive to take over not only the health agencies, but also the pharmaceutical industry and even the media. Listen as Dr Judy talks about what she knows as truth. “What is Truth?” asked Pilot. At least he was curious enough to ask the question of the one person who could speak nothing but the truth.

Early on I also believed Robert F. Kennedy Jr was a voice to listen to.

He did a series with Dr. Judy that clued me in to her credibility. The nice thing about finding people you can trust, you then realize who the people are you can not trust. The villifying of both Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Judy was able to show me who not to listen to. Which includes most of the main stream media and most of the established medical community.

Now here is Dr. Robert Malone who is a co-inventor of the mRNA technology.

Dr. Robert Malone | URGENT WARNING!!! What’s Inside the COVID-19 Vaccines?

Dr. Christiane Northrup | What Is Inside Those COVID-19 Vaccines?

And the Reawaken Tour went to Oregon, I attended in person. I bought 5 tickets cause I was so excited to go and hear from Gen Flynn. Even Archbishop Vigano was on remotely. I wanted everyone to join in. In todays world, “What is Truth?”

The corruption was so great, Judy’s husband was treated with the very protocol Dr. Judy new would kill him, but the hospital took over the treatments and as a result he died. Here is her tribute to her husband who stood by her throughout the years.

How is it that so many doctors can be prescribing the same protocol that kills more people than simple therapeutics like hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin?

Lori Gregory | Exposing the Lies of the NIH, the CDC and the World Health Organization

But, if you’ve received the vaccine, what can you do?

Dr. Judy Mikovits | What Can You Do If You’ve Already Received the Shot?

Where is this leading with the next manufactured pandemic?

Dr. Tenpenny, General Flynn & Dave Scarlett | mRNA COVID / Flu Vaccine Trials Underway!? 

By now you need some comedy relief.

Comedian Jim Breurer | Somebody Had to Say It (It’s Time for Some Common Sense COVID-19 Comedy)

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