Be Bold, Be Courageous, Be Catholic

We say it every Sunday. Do we believe it?

We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church.

It’s time to thank God for the Priests, Bishops, and Cardinals who profess openly that belief. It’s time to be bold.

Bishop Joseph E. Strickland. Courtesy Diocese of Tyler
Michael R. Heinlein September 24, 2019

Who can forget the four dubia cardinals?

Left to right, top then bottom: Cardinals Raymond Burke, Joachim Meisner (now deceased), Walter Brandmüller and Carlo Caffarra

In the time it has taken Pope Francis to respond to the dubia (not as of this writing), there are only 2 cardinals left alive. 50% of the cardinals who wrote that letter have joined their true father in heaven. Thank you bold cardinals for trying to provide clarity to the flock.

Since this controversy started with an outreach to the Amazon, read about the ‘AMAZONIAN BISHOP SLAMS ‘DEMONIC SACRILEGE’ AT VATICAN‘.

In those rituals there is the devil, there is magic. Our Lady is not the Pachamama, she is the Virgin of Nazareth

Bishop José Luis Azcona, Emeritus Bishop of Marajó in the Amazon region

And of course there is Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider in the

And  Cardinal Robert Sarah who wrote a book a few years ago on the strength of silence added his concern for clarity in a recent LifeSite news interview, “Cdl. Sarah: Claims that I ‘oppose’ the Pope are ‘diabolical’.

What I see happening in reality is serious: we are experiencing a very strong spiritual crisis. We are facing a silent apostasy. It concerns the whole world, but has its origin mainly in Europe. And it comes from the rejection of God, a rejection that has now been enshrined in Western consciousness…

Catholic doctrine, in short, is a person! It is Jesus in his Word…

Christ did not come to indulge society, he came to save humanity from its fall, to bring the Truth and change each of us personally, in our very depths.

Look, let me tell you: the problem here is that there are priests, bishops and even infidel cardinals who are failing – and this is just as serious as other sins – to bring the truth of Christ! They disorient the Christian faithful with their confused, ambiguous and liquid language. We must have the courage to return to the paths of spiritual combat: the fight of the faith, as St. Paul says to Timothy, because our main weapon is prayer.

Priests are urged not to speak of God and the scandal of the cross of Jesus, but to commit themselves body and soul to social issues: agriculture, ecology, dialogue, the fight against poverty, justice and peace. We no longer speak of God but of migrants, of the marginalized and the homeless!

Thank you to cardinals, bishops, and priests who continue to provide clarity and lead the faithful along the true teachings of Jesus Christ. Be Bold, Be Courageous, Be Catholic!!

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