Catholic View of End Times, pt 2

This is the second lesson in a series that is being hosted at St. Genevieve Catholic Church in Las Cruces.  Lesson 1 can be found here.

In lesson 1 we discussed the Catechism of the Catholic Church paragraphs 668-682 where it discusses the Church entering into a final passion similar to Christ’s passion.  The Church, the Bride of Christ, will undergo a death and resurrection similar to her Bridegroom’s death and resurrection.

In addition, there was a review of the Divine Mercy organization, Explaining the Faith – Catholic View of End Times (Part 1 of 3).  The 5 signs discussed during that video were:

  • Gospel preached to the whole world. (Matt 25)
  • The great apostasy of the Gentiles. (Matt 24, 2 The 2)
  • Universal conversion of the Jews to Jesus and the Catholic Church (Rom 11:25)
  • Revelation of the Antichrist (2 The 2, 2 John)
  • Tribulation (Matt 24:9)

This week we will discuss the tribulation, chastisement, the Warning, the Illumination of Conscience, and the Three Days of Darkness.

Father Alar summarizes these into 5 stages of the End Times.

Catholic View of End Times (Part 3 of 3) 30:27 – 47:00

Those 5 stages are:

  1. Time of great sin
  2. Minor Chastisement
  3. Era of Peace – Triumph of the Immaculate Heart – Restoration of Christianity – Great Leader – Holy Pope
  4. Great Chastisement
  5. General Judgement

There has been an unprecedented amount of sin present in the world over the last 10 years and it is safe to assume stage 1 is fully underway.  We have seen great disasters; both natural and man-made disasters.  Some say the corona virus was the result of experimentation in a labs in both the US and in China and that there is an actual patent on the virus going back several years.  It was not new, just a new mutation.  If we are not fully in the Minor Chastisement stage, it’s a pretty good dress rehearsal.

As Father Alar said, that stage is fully conditional.  We would not even enter that if enough people turned back to God.  But, without the repentance God has only one course of action, discipline.  It is the only way at that point to save as many souls as possible.

In God’s mercy he will allow several events during stage 2 to turn the hearts of man back to Him.  The first event is the Illumination of Conscience or what some refer to as the Warning.  There are many videos on this and Father Alar discusses this at marker 47:00 in his video above.  Another very faithful religious sister, “Sister Anne,” after being a Carmelite for 33 years, felt a calling in 2011 to start a new order.  The new order is based on Mother Mary’s description to two shepherd children at La Salette in the middle of the 19th century about a religious order to help the world after a great turmoil and chastisement.  She discusses the Warning and Illumination in this video and based upon the revelations of saints and blesseds:

Illumination of Conscience – marker 0:00 – 5:12, and 10:15 – 18:30

As can be seen from the video and title, “Sister Anne” is expecting this Illumination of Conscience very soon.  She even sponsored a conference in 2020 called “The Spiritual First Responders.”  All videos of that conference are available on Gab TV.

The Catholic Author, Christine Watkins, wrote a book earlier this year with a detailed account of the Warning for anyone interested in further research.

Before we arrive at stage 3, the era of peace, there is expected a permanent sign that will not have a natural origin.  This Miracle will be supernatural in origin and will be permanent until the end of the times.  It is supposed to happen within 12 months after the Illumination of Conscience.  At Garabandal there was a priest who died as a result of joy in seeing the miracle in a vision.  Here is the link to read more about this priest and what happened.

A detailed discussion of the Miracle and it’s timing can be found at this site.

A word of caution is in order.  Although a Miracle is discussed at both Medugorje and Garabandal, the Vatican has not given official recognition of the events at Garabandal, the movie released in 2020 helped to address some of those reasons, and the Vatican has allowed pilgrimages to be made to Medugorje but again, no formal recognition of supernatural origin for the apparitions themselves.  At Garabandal, the seers were given knowledge of the Warning (Illumination of Conscience) which would then be followed by the Miracle which Conchita would announce to the Pope 8 days prior.

In our next session we will continue the discussion on the Catholic View of the End Times with the Reign of the Antichrist.

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