In Defense of Tyconius

This article discusses "The final confrontation: Examining the end times through the lens of Fatima and Benedict XVI." In it is a reference to an early church theologian named Tyconius. Most people have never heard of Tyconius, but in researching the sayings of Pope Benedict XVI during his pontificate, one can see Tyconius [...]

Book of Revelation – 7 Churches

Today's reading is from the book of Revelation chapter 4 and discusses the heavenly worship in the throne room of heaven. This heavenly discourse comes with a description that clearly identifies 24 other thrones and the "elders" that sit on those thrones and bow in worship "before the one who sits on the throne." [...]

Catholic View of End Times, pt. 5

This is the fifth lesson in a series that is being hosted at St. Genevieve Catholic Church in Las Cruces.  Lesson 4 can be found here. In this fifth in the series on the End Times we will research what has been described in Scripture, Magisterial teaching, Tradition, and writings from saints and blesseds, especially Blessed [...]