The Truth about Blood Thickness and Clotting

On a recent trip with lifelong friends (my college roommate, his wife, and my wife) the topic of D-Dimer tests came up. One of us had recently experienced a 40%+ increase in their D-Dimer results. I had watched a movie recently called Died Suddenly that addressed just that, blood clotting that is happening across the entire globe right now.

Before continuing, I want to share an article on the search for the truth. I appreciate when people have a sincere interest in pushing aside speculation and hearsay and focus on getting to the bottom of what the truth is. In this article, John-Henry Westen is interviewing Doctor Scott French. In it you can hear the sincere desire of Dr. French to get to the bottom of what the truth is especially in the post-COVID world we are living in. There is so much misinformation that it is important to remove the noise from the clutter from those who want us to be afraid. Of course the adage “The truth will set you free” is something we all have heard, but in a way, it’s not just an adage but if you know the truth, even in a crisis situation, especially in a crisis situation, a trained professional can guide you to the best possible outcome. Without the truth and without all the data, you typically head down a flawed path.

One thing is certain and that is that Dr. Fauci, who is not an elected leader, has been given more credibility (deserved or not), than any other health professional. In my untold story article on Dr. Fauci I quoted from wikipedia.

Fauci’s father was a Columbia University-educated pharmacist who owned his own pharmacy. Fauci’s mother and sister Denise worked the pharmacy’s register, and Fauci delivered prescriptions.

Dr. Fauci’s entire family have been a part of the big pharma since he was a toddler. Dr. Fauci has a hard time recommending anything that is not sold by a big pharma company, ie remdesivir. He even has many patents for the diseases his government agency oversees. He profits, either directly through stock ownership or indirectly through patents, from the drugs being sold by pharmaceutical companies.

Back to the conversation with my friends, the movie “Died Suddenly” is the story of several embalmers who are in search for the truth about what they are seeing in fibrous material being found in the blood vessels of their client’s loved ones. It’s gruesome to even think about and the movie is not for the faint of heart, but if you are in search for the truth, you just need to go where ever it may lead.

After we returned from our vacation, another article came out a research paper with an international group of doctors, this time from The Epoch Times.

A Look Inside the COVID Vaccines and the Blood of the Vaccinated

Nov 29, 2022, They found that the blood from all the vaccinated patients they tested (specifically those having had either the BioNTech/Pfizer or the Moderna vaccines) presented "novel structures," such as...

In this article it becomes clear that the vaccine created by at least Moderna and Pfizer are creating side effects that result in the blood flow being altered in ALL cases of those they tested who have been vaccinated. Clearly, something is amiss in the experimental mRNA technology shots they have recently deployed and how it interacts with the internal organs of human beings. And with about 7 billion people receiving these injections, this could be a serious threat to all humanity.