The Untold Story – Az Update

In February of 2021 the Arizona Republic ran a front page article that said the audit was complete, the machines were not hacked, and there were no anomalies found. The unfortunate thing for this inexperienced reporter who wrote the story is they trusted the data from the same Secretary of State, a Democrat, that oversaw the most fraudulent election of all times in Az. The fraud is on a global scale. One where multiple foreign countries participated in the crime.

“Audits find votes were counted correctly”, Az Republic, Jen Fifield, February 24, 2021.

In my previous post on ‘The Untold Story – AZ’ we found that Mike Lindell hired investigors to check out the Arizona election results earlier this year before the state legislature decided to perform their own forensic audit.

In July 2021 we found out that the fibers in many of the ballots in the forensic audit are not of the same origin as the official ballots. In other words, someone produced fraudulent ballots and turned them in as if they were real ballots. I guess this would mean that it’s possible the original article is accurate that the count by a computer produced the same result when run through the same algorithm. The real inaccuracy comes from misleading the public into beleiving there was no crime when the evidence is so overwhelming that any sane mind would say a real forensice audit is needed to ensure the integrity of the elections in the US. The State Legislature will be releasing their findings soon and we should see if what Mike Lindell uncovered is actually true. What did Mike Lindell uncover in this state where 10,000 votes decided the election?

36,400 ballots cast by non-US citizens
22,903 ballots received before they were even mailed
2,000 ballots from people whose address is a vacant lot
150,000 ballots cast by voters who were not Maricopa County residents by the registration deadline
50,000 ballots loaded into the Dominion machines before the polls opened

So now that the “OFFICIAL” forensic audit has completed, it will be interesting to see if the machines were hacked and whether Mike Lindell’s team did a thorough job or whether it was a gross underestimate of the corruption present during this most crooked election ever for Az and for the US. Once the full corruption is found, would it be possible for the AZ Republic to post a correction to their original article and admit that the original article was, at best, misleading or, at worst, part of the corruption? Stay tuned for the next untold story where 20 other states came to Az to witness how Az was performing their forensic audit and they would take the lessons learned back to their own state for a possible audit there. This will go down as the most corrupt time in US history with collusion by Big Tech, Main Stream Media, and corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisles. It’s on a scale that is unfathomable and, because of that, very likely not even considered credible by most people. Mere words do not do justice to the corruption. It can only be exposed through forensic facts and absolute proof and that’s exactly what is happening thanks to patriots like Mike Lindell, Lin Wood, Sydney Powell, and General Michael Flynn.

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