The Untold Story – AZ

In my last untold story I talked about the reason for traveling to DC on Jan 6. There was a story that the main stream media was not covering and it led to at least a million people arriving to voice their concern for what was not being said. Since then the reasons people headed to DC is being squelched by the insurrection narrative. That insurrection narrative is now fully supported by select Republican and most Democrat leaders together. I was there. I know otherwise. I know the untold story.

The Untold Story – DC

They have successfully squelched the concern by over 1 million Americans. Who is the organization that is sponsoring Antifa and BLM? It is pretty clear that those groups are responsible for the rioting on that day.

That untold story was about the election and this one is as well. Now that there is an abundance of allegations, wouldn’t we want to do as President Reagan said in the 80s, Trust but verify?

“Trust, but verify”

The phrase became internationally known in English after Suzanne Massie, an American scholar, taught it to President Ronald Reagan, who used it on several occasions in the context of nuclear disarmament discussions with the Soviet Union.,_but_verify

With so many allegations and even evidence of election tampering, why aren’t our elected officials rising up to the occasion to say “Trust but verify.” Why so much resistance to verify the results? If these allegations are truly a total farce, as some have said, why not verify? I say “Silence them with the facts.” Let the facts come out and then everyone validate those facts so there is certainty on what happened. At that point we can all rally behind the facts.

I remember listening as I was driving across country to the briefing to the Az State Legislature. This was the first of an abundance of evidence that there was fraud in Az in the 2020 election cycle.

Arizona State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election

The interference by Biden Democrats and RINO Republicans (yes, you Mitt and Mitch) has been very defeaning. They occupy the news cycles to discredit any means of arriving at the truth. They weaponize the federal DOJ to interfere with what is a states responsibility to ensure safe and secure elections now and in the future. There is little thought given to finding the facts as quickly, safely, and legitimately as possible. They have stonewalled for months. Even subpoenas have no affect on them. The US has helped secure and validate elections for countless third world nations, but our own leaders don’t want to make sure the average American feels their vote counts and only legitimate votes are counted. Little thought is given to the countless number of dead people and illegal aliens who continue to vote year after year in these elections. As a Systems and Software Engineering Manager I know you can’t improve on a process or algorithm unless you are willing to review the anomalies and performance data of that process or algorithm. How does that apply here? You have dead people who are still registered and somehow the process is allowing them to send in mail-in ballots. There are some political leaders who visit the graveyards just to make it more convenient for them to vote.

A legendary tale that is attributed to Johnson… claims that in the days following the election, while garnering enough votes for victory, Johnson and the political bosses of the [Rio Grande] Valley counties were going through cemeteries and taking names of dead Mexicans off of tombstones to register as voters. They could not decipher one of the names and asked Lyndon what to do. Johnson quickly replied, “give him a name, he’s got as much right to vote as the rest of them in this cemetery do.

Recently, the AZ Senate Majority Whip discussed concerns by AZ constituents and even Nancy Pelosi was concerned on fraudulent elections in 2016. They also discussed how IP addresses in China accessed election machines in the state of AZ and across the entire nation.

AZ Senate Majority Whip on Audit of Dominion Machines in Maricopa County

In Absolute Proof, Mike Lindell uncovers the facts showing the questionable ballots. For AZ this is covered in the first five minutes of the video on this page.

Absolute Proof

In the “Possible Margin of Error” table you will see the margin of victory was 10,000 votes. A few of the line items would be easy to verify. Consider just these:

36,400 illegal aliens voted
22,903 mail-in ballots received a day before they were mailed
2,000 voters registered to a vacant lot
150,000 voters that registered in Maricopa County after the registration deadline

Those alone amount to over 200,000 votes in question in Arizona. Again, Biden only won by 10,000 votes. Surely an audit should have been done before a certification happened.

In his sequel, Scientific Proof, within the first ten minutes Mr Lindell, with the help of Dr. Frank who has a PhD in Science, uncovers the algorithm used across all the counties in America. It’s amazing to see that only an algorithm could have done this with this much precision. There is no way human beings could change the votes accordingly across the many counties in the battleground states. You also can see one flaw in how they did this. That flaw is the culprits used the census from 2010 to adjust votes. The 2020 census has actually called to question how more people voted in some counties than are actually living there in 2020. In many counties there are actually more registered voters in the 2020 election than possible voters that live there. Not possible right?

Scientific Proof

In the final podcast in his Absolute Series, Absolute Interference, the exact IP addresses and buildings at those addresses is revealed. Mike is joined by two true patriots, General Mike Flynn and General McInerney. They discuss the CISA organization and how the election machines were accessed from China, Iran, and other less than honorable foreign actors. “This is not made up stuff. This is real stuff. We had foreign interference in our election.” General Flynn

Absolute Interference

Getting back to AZ and the resistence by some to halt the audit makes this very disturbing. There is so much evidence to suggest interference, why would these Democrat and Republican leaders want to halt the discovery process? WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO HIDE? If this was the safest and most secure election in history, why wouldn’t they want to show that through the facts. People are allowed to say whatever they want, but most scientists insist on facts and data. So let’s get to the bottom of this and see if any of these allegations are true. Is it true that there were 36,400 illegal aliens that voted? If so, let’s fix that so that only Americans are voting for the election of the leader of the free world. Is it true that 150,000 people registered after the deadline? If so, let’s understand who these people are and why they were not able to register before the deadline. We want everyone who has a right to vote in Maricopa county get out and vote. We want to make it easy for the residents in Maricopa county while making it next to impossible for illegal people and residents of other counties to vote in Maricopa county.

If these machines were used by foreign actors, how do we stop that and ensure no one does that in the future. We want Americans to vote for the American President. We don’t want China or Iran choosing our elected officials. Let the audit finish and let’s look at the facts. No one wants to say it is an invalid election, but for those who have discovered anomalies, we should at least verify. The old mantra by President Reagan, “Trust but verify” even applies here.

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