Treatment for the COVID-19 Blues

When I asked my wife, Vicki, if she wanted to go for a hike. Her only question was “where to.” Knowing that vitamin-D is a good thing to have these days as a preventative for catching the virus, I said “Anywhere there’s sun.” She declined, and so I decided a long hike it would be. There’s a nature park that surrounds the golf course a block away. I don’t know if I walked around the entire back nine or front nine, it’s hard to figure out which way is up unless you’re in one of those carts. =:~)

It sure was refreshing, and possibly a bit hot, but what views I was able to grab made the day.

The colors along the way back through the neighborhood helped sooth the soul.

Although a walk along the Florida coastline would have been good… even the desert has it’s unique beauty. It’s time to get back to normal.