Shakespeare and Vaccines

If Shakespeare were alive today he would probably have Hamlet say “To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question?”

This meme on the right offers some humor into a tragedy I suffered last year (much like the tragedies of many of Shakespeare’s characters).

Last year I attempted to change the oil and top off the fluids on our Prius IV. The dealership wanted $80 for the oil change and I thought that was a bit out of line. Changing the oil was a bit harder than normal in the Prius since they use a shroud to cover the oil pan and plug. But, it only delayed my efforts by 30 minutes or so. I’m sure having a bay would have made it a lot easier, but I was able to get done with the oil with just a slight delay. The big question on the oil change was to continue with Synthetic or go back to a normal 10W-30 approach. Staying with synthetic was a $30 increase over conventional but synthetic won out. Of the other fluids I noticed the brake fluid was low and so I topped it off before finishing. It didn’t need that much, maybe a 1/4 inch to top off the reservoir.

Everything was great for the first week or two. It wasn’t until the 4th week after I had completely forgot about changing the oil and fluids that it started to experience problems. The brake pedal became rather mushy and harder and harder to get the job done to stop the car.

Long story short… the brake fluid wasn’t brake fluid, it was power steering fluid. They both had similar consistency to an untrained eye like mine, but there is one big difference between them. Power steering fluid eats away at rubber. The rubber in the brake linings were giving out. That was a very costly mistake. To the tune of $5,000. The brake chamber, linings and calipers needed to be replaced. What seemed like the right consistency to me had a dramatic difference in outcome for that vehicle and my wife’s well being. If those brakes had given out while she was on a trip to Phoenix, it might have been very dire for her.

Many people are approaching this experimental injection with the same vein. You might consider my using power steering fluid as an experimental fluid that was successful for several weeks, but then the recipient suffered very tragic symptoms. How many people would believe the major drug manufacturers would never put anything out there that would cause harm to you? With this experimental injection, which is not approved by the FDA for general use, would you really trust the long term effects are negligible? What clinical trials have been performed in a drug rushed to market in literally a few months? Why were the animal studies and side effects not completed before being used on human beings?

There are many in the medical community who are speaking out on this, but most, if not all, are being silenced by a media that is reminiscent of the propaganda war in the 1930s. Any dissenting voices are being silenced and if you have any opinion that does not align with the narrative from the main stream sources you are being cancelled. Something’s not right and people need to realize that trusting main stream news sources to formulate your position on a subject is a recipe for the same tragedy I suffered in the power steering fluid. But, a bad set of brakes would be the least of your worries in this scenario.

I am putting together a complete set of dissenting resources in a post that should go up next week, but let me leave you with just one to help you understand why some doctors are sounding the alarm about the mRNA technique in these experimental injections.. I like this one because Dr. Bhakdi brings the science of these injections to a level even I can understand.

Prominent German Medical Microbiologist:
To Reduce The World’s Population, “They Are Killing People With These COVID Vaccines”
Prof. Dr Sucharit Bhakdi   COVID Gene “Injection” … “Will Decimate World Population”
April 16, 2021  Interviewed by Alex Newman of New American news

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question?

David Rall

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