Avalanche Problems Explained – Be mindful of the D5

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center has some very useful resources to consult before going out on the slopes this season. https://youtu.be/DkbnT_9-cHU From their website, https://avalanche.org/avalanche-encylopedia/#avalanche-problem, the danger levels range from 1-5. Danger level 2, D2, can bury a person. D3 can destroy a house. D4 and D5 are historic avalanches that can destroy part or [...]

Immigration In America

https://immigrantsareawesome.weebly.com/ "I am among those  Americans whose ancestors include men and women from many different European countries. The proportion of Americans of this type will steadily increase. I do not believe in hyphenated Americans. I do not believe in German-Americans or  Irish-Americans; and I believe just as little in English-Americans. I do not approve of American citizens of German descent forming [...]