Cancer of Corruption, pt 1

The Cancer of Corruption runs rampant in the United States, but it ran rampant in other countries that show where this nation will head if the citizenry allows it to happen. In this post you will find news that is shocking. News that you will never hear about in the main stream media. The main stream media is compromised and a part of the corruption of American politicians.

There is so much corruption in the United States, it’s hard to even know where to start. Should we start with Human Trafficking, Underage Child Abuse, Drug Trafficking, or the corruption in the church in America?

The election is within weeks so let’s start with what should be obvious to most Americans if the news channels actually did their job. And for all you that think Fox is the only one reporting accurate news, I remind you, ALL main stream news are compromised.

How many of you would be shocked if I reported this story:


How many of you would be shocked if I reported this story:

“BREAKING: Email From Hunter Biden’s Lawyer To Computer Shop Owner Released, Confirms Laptop Was Biden’s”

Or one from a very credible prosecutor:

Giulliani: Hunter Biden emails prove family “has been selling Joe’s office to the highest bidder”

Some people are fixated on the scandal being the censorship by the big tech.

That’s not the scandal. The real scandal is the torturing of children. In my earlier article I discussed the efforts in prior years to #savethechildren. What a touching story that was of one heroic man trying to save children he didn’t even know. That is God’s reaching out to influence the course of history is some young children’s lives.

Saving the Children – Pt 1

It’s now time to start talking about the dark side. The evil that comes from corruption. Many times it’s just economic persecution, but the satan knows his time is short. He is working overtime to corrupt as many people as possible. And this type of corruption comes at the price of innocent lives, and the loss of innocence.

One thing that Rudy discusses is an issue that is so sensitive he cant’ even mention it. But, he does continue exposing all the family crimes in extorting money from other nations.

Why isn’t anyone in the main stream covering this story? Well, there is one exception, FoxNews does cover this cover-up and corruption.

But, how do we make sense out of the horrendous content Rudy Giuliani referred to. Could this post give some insight into how bad this could be?

Giuliani: SICKENING Photo’s on Hunter Biden’s Laptop Will ‘Shock the Hell Out of You’

President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has warned that the unreleased photographs on Hunter Biden’s laptop will likely shock the American public to their very core.

As we know the big tech groups have censured several groups whose following were upwards of 1M subscribers. Here’s what one of them claims:

“reveal that the Hunter Biden videos contain multiple videos that captured Hunter Biden engaged in extreme sexual ABUSE of under-age Chinese teens

Yes, the ultimate satanic act of torture or sexual abuse of children as young as ten years old. These people are sic.

As one news report states, “In other words, the Hunter Biden hard drives are not merely about sex. They are about violence and sexual abuse of minors. And the CCP has all these videos (and more) which can be used as leverage against a Biden presidency.”

Have you ever wondered why Joe Biden says China is not a threat. That China is the future? He has been bought and paid for by the CCP. If he becomes president he will sell out to the CCP influence.

The corruption runs deep, but I haven’t begun to scratch the surface. Stay tuned for part 2. Just remember one thing, it’s all about saving the children.