An Immigrants Journey in America

Some time ago I wrote an article about the immigration in America from yesteryear and some stories of those who struggled to make it through the process back in 1910-1940. The conditions for immigrants back then was pitiful and horrible from today’s standards. There are other approaches to citizenship. Approaches that are fairly lengthy, involving a Green Card to begin work, but allow you to make a living for your family while you wait through the process. And quite a long wait it will be.

Today there is another story of a young family who’s immigration story started over 19 years ago. The young family is Nadeem Mohamed and Afsha Amnin. I worked with both of them in Crystal City for several years. Both very talented engineers. Nadeem is a very talented software architect whose skills were wanted by every project manager we had on our project. Afsha complemented those skills with a firm understanding as a test engineer and a solid test engineer she is. Both are hard working individuals and Nadeem had been on the program since it was first launched using 5-1/4 inch floppies, and Afsha came a few years later and started on the program in 2006. Nadeem received his Green Card during the George H. Bush presidency. Both worked hard and put in long hours when needed and some of the most loyal individuals you would find. Nadeem submitted his paperwork for citizenship after receiving his Green Card, but then it was still another 5 long years after his citizenship application before he heard it was finally approved. Another 8 months later and he received his Citizenship through Naturalization.

Yesterday was the culmination of their long journey. Here’s the video clip with the Vice President in attendance at their ceremony in the White House.

Nadeem recounted the events over the last few months. He and Afsha were supposed to go through this process back in July. But July is their annual family event where he and Afsha go back and visit with their extended families for the entire month. Others from their own naturalization event talked of a crowded court room with hundreds in attendance getting their citizenship at the same time.

With this ceremony there were 28 who were reciting the Pledge of Allegience for the first time as American citizens on the celebration of Constitution Day and Citizenship Day. Nadeem talked about all the people that were there to greet each member of the family as they entered the corridors of the White House. They were treated like royalty.

Nadeem Mohamed

Afsha Amnin

Nadeem and Afsha, you did great. You stuck through the full immigration process and may God bless you and your family!

Vice President Pence attends a naturalization ceremony on Constitution Day and Citizenship Day.

This is the song at marker 25:00 of this video. It is well worth the watch.

God bless America
Land that I love
Stand beside her and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above
From the mountains, to the prairies
To the oceans white with foam
God bless America
My home, sweet home
God bless America
My home, sweet home

God bless those who want to come to our country and are willing to wait it out and sacrifice while the government vets and approves their citizenship. Welcome, my fellow Americans!

2 thoughts on “An Immigrants Journey in America

  1. David, Thank you so much for such beautiful blog of yours to show our journey. I saw it when you sent me last year. But, today i just happen to see it again and i suddenly remembered and searched for it. Hope you and your family are doing great and enjoying your retirement. Have a blessed day.

    Nadeem & Afsha

    1. Hi Nadeem and Afsha, It’s so good to hear from you. Yes, what an amazing journey you two have been on. Retirement is very nice. I’ve got my own web hosting business and am managing a handful of websites. WordPress is a neat technology. Most of my supported sites are WordPress. I do have one that is just HTML and CSS though. That one is fun too because I get to test out some neat CSS tricks there. Checkout the blog I made at I met someone I call “The Prophecy Lady” who had some startling things to say about where the world (and church) is headed. I got to meet her in person last week. She lives in Florida about 3 hours from my daughter’s home. It’s so good to hear from you. Take care.


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