Release the Kraken

When I first heard that phrase by Sidney Powell I wondered if it was a phrase used in the Lord of the Rings. My son James, an expert in Star Wars, Fellowship of the Rings, and X-Men, quickly pointed out it was Clash of Titans. And right he was (as usual).

Release the Kraken!

So when Sidney Powell referenced that she was making quite a statement. But, it wasn’t until I heard a 3 star general discuss it from a military angle that it really came into focus what was meant by that statement, “Release the Kraken!” Here is the post you can find out more about this military use of the term.

‘THE KRAKEN’ is a reference to the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion, based out of U.S. Army Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

It was also discussed between two general’s in this interview:

WVW-TV Exclusive: Lt. General Michael Flynn’s First Interview Since President Trump’s Pardon Includes His Talking About the Ongoing Coup w/ Guest Lt. General McInerney and Mary Fanning.

Is this the demise of the Deep State? Does it point to China and Iran trying to change the outcome of a U.S. election? Take a listen, this truly is on a global scale and every American should sit up and take notice.

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