Is The Catholic Church Being Torn Apart?

With Pope Francis celebrating pagan rituals with fertility idols, you need to ask yourself if he is considered a heretic.

Courtesy of Vatican Media

There is much a buzz on social media and I’ll try and capture the most relevant ones that have facts based on canon law and not hearsay.

But first, let’s review the Catechism of the Catholic Church that Pope Francis is bound by:

2112 The first commandment condemns polytheism. It requires man neither to believe in, nor to venerate, other divinities than the one true God. Scripture constantly recalls this rejection of “idols, [of] silver and gold, the work of men’s hands. They have mouths, but do not speak; eyes, but do not see.” These empty idols make their worshippers empty: “Those who make them are like them; so are all who trust in them.”42 God, however, is the “living God”43 who gives life and intervenes in history.
2113 Idolatry not only refers to false pagan worship. It remains a constant temptation to faith. Idolatry consists in divinizing what is not God. Man commits idolatry whenever he honors and reveres a creature in place of God, whether this be gods or demons (for example, satanism), power, pleasure, race, ancestors, the state, money, etc. Jesus says, “You cannot serve God and mammon.”44 Many martyrs died for not adoring “the Beast”45 refusing even to simulate such worship. Idolatry rejects the unique Lordship of God; it is therefore incompatible with communion with God.46
2114 Human life finds its unity in the adoration of the one God. The commandment to worship the Lord alone integrates man and saves him from an endless disintegration. Idolatry is a perversion of man’s innate religious sense. An idolater is someone who “transfers his indestructible notion of God to anything other than God.”47

Catechism of the Catholic Church,

This first article is just a plea for the true people who need to make these calls to please step forward and say something. The silence from so many prelates is hurting the church and it’s time to let us laity know what they think. This is a plea for every Bishop to send some sort of communication attesting to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

This next article discusses the details of canon law and what was required to have been done when announcing a resignation from a sitting Pontiff. The Pope is supposed to be the Pope until death.

In this article it gives more background on why it appears Pope Benedict XVI is silent.

This next article is more speculative in nature but I have felt the same on several points. I found the quote from Our Lady of Good Success to be very interesting. I’ll post that after the article:

The devil will work to persecute the ministers of the Lord in every way, working with baneful cunning to destroy the spirit of their vocation and corrupting many. Those who will thus scandalize the Christian flock will bring upon all priests the hatred of bad Christians and the enemies of the One, Holy, Roman Catholic, and Apostolic Church. This apparent triumph of Satan will cause enormous suffering to the good pastors of the Church…and to the Supreme Pastor and Vicar of Christ on earth who, a prisoner in the Vatican, will shed secret and bitter tears in the presence of God Our Lord, asking for light, sanctity, and perfection for all the clergy of the world, to whom he is King and Father.

Our Lady of Good Success

One thing is certain, the Catholic Church, and the world itself, is going through an upheaval of biblical proportion. When God dealt with the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah it was just a city and He sent fire to destroy it and it’s inhabitants. When the Lord found man to be nothing but wicked, as written in Genesis chapter 6, the Lord sent the great deluge, the flood. Now is a good time to reflect on the words from Our Lady of Akita, October 13, 1973.

As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead. The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by My Son. Each day recite the prayers of the Rosary. With the Rosary, pray for the Pope, the bishops and priests.”
“The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres…churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.
“The demon will be especially implacable against souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of my sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will be no longer pardon for them.”

Our Lady of Akita , October 13, 1973

Lifesite News reports on the full extent of the ceremonies being performed on Vatican grounds and in Catholic Churches within a block of the Vatican.

This last post is from Patrick Coffin and his post earlier this year, “Why Stay In a Corrupt Church?”, when the sex scandal came in its fullest. Now with the idol worship happening in some Catholic Churches, this is most appropriate for Catholics, holding to the teachings of Jesus Christ, to remember. Subscribe to the Patrick Coffin YouTube channel at

That said, if a Catholic is in a church, no matter how many bishops and cardinals are participating, if idols from the Amazon are being worshiped by Amazonians, you need to leave, and as fast as you can. Jesus will not be mocked and severe punishment awaits those who celebrate with others worshiping idols.

You shall not make for yourself a graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them or serve them; for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate me,

Many martyrs died for not adoring “the Beast”45 refusing even to simulate such worship.

Exodus 20:4-5CCC 2113

Is the Catholic Church being torn apart? Is it being prepared for a great purification? Is it being prepared for the great ‘Era of Peace’ foretold at Fatima?

The Director of the Marian Movement of Priests in the USA, Father Richard Cortese, discusses the “polarization, confusion, high emotion, and the feeling that the Church is being torn apart” felt by the laity in his Commentary on Pope Francis and the Amazon Synod. The Marian Movement of Priests was initiated in 1975 with messages from the Blessed Mother. Her messages are very prophetic and worth reviewing. To find out more, head over to and get a copy of the book “To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons.

And on a final note, Mark Mallet has these words of encouragement.