Fact Checking the Fact Checkers, pt 2

To follow-up on a prior post “Who is Fact Checking the Fact Checkers” I ran across a very good article today on how to really fight back with the likes of snopes and other so called fact checking organizations.

Who is Fact Checking the Fact Checkers?


The C-Vine News Network received an e-mail from an organization that is in the business of fact checking groups like CNN and Epoch Times.

https://c-vine.com/blog/2020/09/11/fact-checking-news-rating-service-to-judge-cvine-news-credibility/ https://c-vine.com/blog/2020/09/11/fact-checking-news-rating-service-to-judge-cvine-news-credibility/

In the article there is an e-mail they received from this fact checking group, NewsGuard. The reporter, at least that’s who they said they were in an e-mail, wanted to talk about transparency and credibility.

BUT… C-VINE Will in Turn, Research the History/Achievement and Credentials of the “Fact Checker”.

Linda Forsythe Volunteer Citizen Journalist.

How many people have ever heard of NewsGuard or this reporter, Anicka Slachta? Who is paying their bills and how credible have them been at fact checking in the past? We’re they a part of the media that were non the wrong side of reality when they reported there was Russian collusion for three years? Looking at the evidence now, any serious journalist would have said there is no basis for their investigation. And yet, news agency filled the airwaves for months and years with a story that wasn’t there. There were even high ranking officials who said “There is no there, there.” But, that fell on deaf ears for these so called credible news agencies. Anyone who followed the narrative and reported the incorrect story should be tuned out. They didn’t do their job. Citizen journalists like Linda Forsythe and C-Vine were saying all along that there was no evidence. Citizen journalists were doing a better job of investigating the facts than the multi-million dollar news agencies. Why? Who’s paying the bills at these news agencies?

Linda’s response to NewsGuard is priceless. It’s time to research the fact checkers and see what agenda they support and who is paying their bills.

With a fair election process, every voice should be heard and counted. Now that the Social Media giants are suppressing free speech, who is fact checking their fact checkers to make sure their decisions are in line with the public interest of a fair election process? Makes you wonder right?

Don’t blindly assume if you see a fact checker and they will be speaking in a non-biased organization. Don’t be duped. Check the sources.