Entrapment of a General

The operation that targeted Flynn: CROSSFIRE RAZOR

It’s hard to imagine a 3 star General being trapped by his own government and coerced to sign a false confession. Were they really ready to indict his son on phony charges as well? Were they going to try and destroy his son as well? When your family is threatened, you will do anything to protect them.

But, before we go too far on what might be labelled a conspiracy theory, let’s examine the evidence. What I don’t like about the main stream media is they seldom make the source documents available for you to examine. I hope I can do better at providing you links so you can see the documents that are filed with the courts and other government agencies. Many thanks to Judicial Watch, Sara Carter and Sydney Powell for their efforts to bring these source documents to the people through easy access and/or FOIA requests.

First, let me give credit where it is due. Here is the post Sydney Powell wrote on April 30, 2020:

Powell: More Evidence Shows FBI Set Up Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. No Evidence He Committed A Crime.

Here is the document that was filed with the courts on 4/30/2020.
Case 1:17-cr-00232-EGS Document 189 Filed 04/30/20

That document starts with

On April 29, 2020, the government produced to the defense a second tranche comprised of eleven pages, including emails and additional Strzok-Page text messages. See Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963) and this Court’s standing order, ECF No. 10.

Case 1:17-cr-00232-EGS Document 189 Filed 04/30/20

Why are these important and why are they just now being disclosed? What is included in these Strzok-Page text messages and how do they differ from what was discussed in 2019?

Explosive Lisa Page Testimony: Dossier Timeline Contradictions And DOJ Interference


If you recall there was CROSSFIRE HURRICANE which was described in the above article.

Now we find in these new documents there was another investigation (or individual) called CROSSFIRE RAZOR. On page 3 of the court document you see the Case ID # from a document on 1/4/2017 that includes “CROSSFIRE RAZOR FOREIGN AGENTS REGISTRATION ACT – RUSSIA”

In the details you see the reference to where CROSSFIRE RAZOR (CR) is referenced like an individual. It says

And now we know that General Flynn, under investigation by the FBI during CROSSFIRE HURRICANE is referred as CROSSFIRE RAZOR. Makes you wonder what other names are used for individuals in this report.

Shortly into their investigation into General Flynn we see they come up empty handed on any information that would incriminate the good General.

No derogatory information found.

You have to ask yourself while reading this, “How many dollars were spent during this part of the investigation?” Keep in mind the final tally was over $30M for these investigators.

Besides not finding any derogatory information in their own holdings, they also requested two other intelligence sources for any records, and still no dirt was found.

Not satisfied with a squeaky clean and true patriot in their midst, they took it to the next level. In their own words:

They track a Russian individual without any corroborating evidence of contact.

Unbelievable, now how many taxpayer dollars have been spent thusfar?

The end result is the FBI decides to close the case since no dirt can be found on General Flynn.

But, this is where the real corruption takes place. So far everything is above board. An inquire was warranted and an investigation was needed. It was completed. Look at the evidence about Peter Strzok starting on page 7.

According to Peter Strzok, General Flynn was given a briefing and Mr. Strzok recommends actions like, “put him on notice,” hoping he does something inappropriate. He also indicates an “overt step with him … interview under light ‘defensive briefing’ context.

Yes, indeed it was the interview under false pretense to set him up, overtly.

But look how revealing this segment is. Now we realize they have another individual codenamed, CROSSFIRE TYPHOON. And what date was this e-mail written? What date was the inauguration? Another revealing piece is VPOTUS. Could they be talking about the new Vice President or the VP that was just leaving (Biden).

Now we move to the exchange of texts on page 10 during these days in January.

Strzok insists they need to keep the case opened.

And in February, Strzok texts how many edits he made to the notes of the meeting. There were so many edits he actually called it a complete rewrite. I guess he needed to make sure he chose his words wisely (instead of just recording the conversation from the interview). Was this the interview with Flynn?

Trying not to completely re-write…

The last 4 pages of the document are the summary for the court on why this case should be dismissed. Pretty solid evidence of such. Here’s the first paragraph:

The revelations of corruption by the FBI to intentionally frame Gen Flynn for crimes the FBI manufactured piles on with each new production of documents. Unequivocally, the documents prove the egregious extent to which those involved violated the constitutional rights of the National Security Advisor of the United States of America and a military hero, who put his life on the line for over three decades to preserve those very rights for every American citizen.


Do you think you will hear any of this on the main stream news like MSNBC, CNN, and CBS? If you do hear it, how will they spin it? The main stream media, MSNBC, CNN, and CBS seem to have a stake in the Presidential race. What side are they leaning too? What candidate are they supporting? Corruption runs deep. It really is time to drain the swamp.

There was a webcast by American Thought Leaders about this recent release. This type of very candid journalism gives hope that maybe one day the main stream media will be replaced with honest and true reporting again.

Spygate Revelations From Unsealed Flynn Docs; Flynn Exonerated?—Lee Smith

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