A Renewed America

My thoughts on the disease… the infectious contagion.. that has gripped America… not just in 2020, but over the past 50 years. It’s a plea for transparency and a message of hope for the future.

Remember when…In January all the media outlets were saying President Trump was racist and xenophobic for limiting travel from China. That people were racist for not going to restaurants with people who have contact with those in China.


Now they are saying he didn’t react quick enough and you need to practice social distancing. Now, governors are shutting down entire states from going to restaurants for fear of spreading this disease.

In the end Trump will be a hero for reacting quick enough to limit the contagion early enough to minimize the overall impact to our nation.
While we have a President who is ready to protect and defend the health and safety of every American, we have a Congress divided. Half wanting the demise of the President so much so that they willingly ask for an economic collapse and participate in the fear tactics that now leaves millions of Americans isolated and quarantined in their own homes. The President gave hope yesterday by saying trials of a fairly safe drug have been underway and looking very promising. This was countered by his leading experts and MSM saying, we can’t jump to conclusions… Almost to say we need to keep America afraid so this economic collapse can continue to its maximum pain [so that Trump won’t be re-elected].

Every American has to be ready to say “I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” President Trump helped protect us from the disease from a foreign country. Politicians ridiculed him for it and openly asked to let the disease in and spread further through an open borders policy. They are the domestic threat our founders warned us about.

This November, let all Americans rise up and do their part by removing the domestic threat by those who want to keep America depressed and in fear.
It’s sad that America has to wait until November to remove this domestic threat. It’s sad that the fear will continue and those who wish to do harm, will continue to find other avenues to keep America in fear.

There is hope. Hope in a few loyal Patriots to inspire the rest of the nation. To articulate the issues and make transparent the evil that these people have done. To hold them accountable. To bring justice back for all people.

Yes, please show us a justice system that will send even congress, men and women, to jail for their seditious act to take down this great nation. A justice system that would even hold prior Presidents accountable for treasonous acts and please allow this to be made transparent so all people in America, and abroad, can see that this great nation, America, is a nation of laws. A nation of laws that is the same for the average American as well as entertainers, politicians, millionaires and even billionaires.

When this evil is finally exposed, and I have great hope it will be soon, we need all Americans to say Yes! Even if it is our favorite past President(s), just say ‘Yes’ that the evil is being removed. The disease that has infected our country (over the past decades) is finally removed.

Americans can make that climb. Americans can reach the summit and continue climbing to the peak. The peak of kindness, charity, and good will to all peoples. We are Americans and we can rise up now!!

America will be stronger and more prosperous as a nation than we ever have been in the past 50 years.

There is hope in a Renewed America!

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