The Weapon of Humble Servants

Mother Mary gives the Rosary to St. Benedict
In Her messages to Fr. Gobbi in the 1970s through 1990s, the Blessed Virgin Mary stressed the importance of the Rosary. Here are her messages to Fr. Gobbi about the importance of this weapon during these times.

82 – What It Means to Be a Mother – October 7, 1975

…With the weapon of prayer, of the rosary and of your trust, it is now the time to enter into battle.

100 – Follow Me on the Path of My Son – May 28, 1976

This is the hour of error, which is succeeding in entering everywhere and especially in seducing many of my priest-sons. Do not be astonished if you see fall those who, still only yesterday, seemed the most faithful and most secure. You will see fall even those who set themselves up as teachers of others. Do not be surprised if, in this battle, those fall who did not want or did not know how to use the weapon that I myself gave you: my prayer, the simple and humble prayer of the holy rosary. It is a simple and humble prayer, and therefore it is most efficacious in combating Satan who today is leading you astray especially by ostentation and pride. Give me all your suffering. Today it is the misunderstandings, the attacks, the calumnies of your brothers. Tomorrow it will be persecutions, imprisonment, condemnations on the part of atheists and enemies of God who will see in you the obstacles that must be eliminated. Walk with me, and follow me along the path of my Son Jesus, along the way of Calvary, along the way of the Cross. Never as in these moments will you have to live so profoundly that which is the vocation of every Christian: ‘He who wishes to come after Me must deny himself, take up his cross and follow Me!’ (Mt 16:24)

192 – A Great Net of Love – January 22, 1980

Pray together with me, through the recitation of the holy rosary. Pray and do penance that the times be shortened, and that the greatest possible number of my children may be eternally saved. Pray that suffering may serve to convert all those who have strayed far from God. Pray that you may never doubt the love of the Father, who always watches over you and provides for you, and makes use of suffering as a means of healing you from the sickness of corruption, of infidelity, of rebellion, of impurity, of atheism.

216 – Great Mercy – December 8, 1980

How numerous today are the snares of my Adversary who appears to be reaching the peak of his great offensive! In every way and by the most subtle means, he seeks to seduce you, if only he can succeed in striking your soul, in wounding you with sin, so as to draw you away from Jesus, who is your only Savior. The whole of humanity is defiled with this invisible venom, and now needs to be healed by the merciful love of Jesus. He will manifest Himself to you in an extraordinary manner, through the intervention of your immaculate Mother. The weapon, which I give you to fight with, is the chain which joins you to my Heart: the holy rosary. Beloved sons, recite it often, because it is only with your priestly prayer, gathered into my Immaculate Heart that I will be able, in these times, to move — to force, so to speak — the great mercy of the Lord to manifest itself. At the hour when all will seem lost, all will be saved through the merciful love of the Father, which will be made visible through the greatest manifestation of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.

264 – This Month of May – May 1, 1983

At this time above all, I am asking you to pray with fervor and joy by means of the holy rosary. It is the weapon which is to be used by you today in fighting and winning this bloody battle; it is the golden chain that binds you to my Heart; it is the lightning rod that will keep far from you, and from those who are dear to you, the fire of the chastisement; it is the sure means of having me always close to you.

275 – The Dragon Will Be Shackled – October 7, 1983

Why is the holy rosary so efficacious? Because it is a simple prayer, a humble one, and it forms you spiritually in littleness, in meekness, in simplicity of heart. Today Satan is successfully conquering everything with the spirit of pride and of rebellion against God, and he is terrified by those who follow your heavenly Mother along the road of littleness and humility. While this prayer is despised by the great and the proud, it is recited with so much love and so much joy by my little ones, by the poor, by children, by the humble, the suffering, by the many, many faithful souls who have welcomed my invitation. Satan’s pride will again be conquered by the humility of little ones, and the Red Dragon will find himself decisively humiliated and defeated when I bind him not by a great chain but by a very frail cord: the holy rosary.

479 – The Angel with the Key and the Chain – October 7, 1992

The chain, with which the great Dragon is to be bound, is made up of prayer made with me and by means of me. This prayer is that of the holy rosary. A chain has in fact the function of first of all limiting action, then of imprisoning, and finally of making ineffective every activity of the one who has been bound by it.
— The chain of the holy rosary has first of all the function of limiting the action of my Adversary. Every rosary which you recite with me has the effect of restricting the action of the Evil One, of drawing souls away from his pernicious influence, and of giving greater impetus to the expansion of goodness in the life of many of my children.
— The chain of the holy rosary has also the effect of imprisoning Satan, that is, of making his action impotent, and of diminishing and weakening more and more the force of his diabolical power. And so, each rosary which is recited well deals a mighty blow to the power of evil, and it represents one part of his reign which is destroyed.
— The chain of the holy rosary brings about, in the end, the result of making Satan completely harmless. His great power is destroyed. All the evil spirits are cast into the pool of fire and sulfur; the door is shut by me with the key of the power of Christ, and thus they will no longer be able to go out into the world to do harm to souls.
You understand now, my beloved children, why, in these last times of the battle between me, the Woman Clothed with the Sun, and the great Dragon, I am asking you to multiply everywhere the cenacles of prayer, with the recitation of the holy rosary, meditation on my word, and your consecration to my Immaculate Heart. With these, you make it possible for your heavenly Mother to take action in binding Satan, so that I may thus carry out my mission of crushing his head, that is to say, of defeating him once and for all, shutting him up in his abyss of fire and sulfur. The humble and fragile cord of the holy rosary forms the strong chain with which I will take as my prisoner the dark ruler of the world, the enemy of God and of his faithful servants. Thus the pride of Satan will once again be defeated by the power of the little, the humble and the poor.

To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons – Marian Movement of Priests

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